Types of love, which one is yours?

In my professional experience, I have had the opportunity to attend numerous couples, their conflicts, the handling of their feelings and emotions, as well as perceived a great variety of loves in the relationship that everyone enjoys and suffers in his own way. Learn more with our blog and welcome to our talk to strangers chat.

The Different Types of Love

  • Playful love: pursuit of play and joy only enjoys the one who is playing to love, does not take the couple seriously.
  • Romantic love: love at first sight, by physical attraction, is intense, but it lasts little; there is an idealization of the loved one and a persistent desire to be with him or her.
  • Jealous love: where the couple or one of the two, feels fear, sees ghost by any hole and lives obsessing the mind and injuring the love until killing it.
  • Love is dry: where feelings, dreams and joys are not expressed, it is not nourished and only arises in a planned way "today is Friday we have to make love"; to relieve the physiological need of sex; Falling love.
  • The love of movement: everyone lives and enjoys their interests, do not stop, live parties, social commitments, do not have fun together, or know each other from the inside.
  • Forbidden loves: born at the wrong time or with the wrong person, these loves are condemned and censored by society, takes the bride to the friend and vice versa, the boyfriend to the sister-in-law, the cousin or vice versa; falls in love with a married man or woman.
  • Obsessive love: it is demanding, it takes possession of the other invading its space, this love usually leads to ecstasy, but also to angry jealousy, despair, obsessions of helplessness and tragic endings.
  • Platonic love: it is spiritual, pure, without any interest, it is love of one, which often the other does not know. By the way, check out our video chat with strangers.
  • Erotic love: it is based on sexual attraction, begins with the same rapidity that ends, is sensual, voluptuous and even obscene, is passion of moment.
  • Love of details: full of people who make the big bouquet of happiness, is more characteristic of women, during the whole relationship, in man only happens in the stage of the initial infatuation.
  • Loves that kill: crazy, hurt, hurt, take away the laughter, calm and can lead to madness and even death.
  • Loves that suffocate: they choke so much that it catches, chains, takes possession so much that it loses you and you take away all your spaces.
  • The lack of love: lack of interest and joy to see the couple, absence of sexual desire, of who suffers it affecting the other, usually the dislike of one, the other or another loves and desires.
  • Love of habit: full of monotony, routine, serenity, reluctance and a lot of patience.
  • Love of old age: sweet love, of accumulated tenderness, full of understanding, commitment, and fraternity.
  • Cultivated loves: walk and leave footprints, vibrate with love and passion, adorn and make dreams and fantasies shine, "where there was fire ashes remain."
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