How to make someone fall in love with you?

It does not matter what methods people seeking love from another person or from other people. But whatever way a person is not elected, the general is in love here will play a man hides his weaknesses, and shows only one respect. And this should not be afraid. This is normal. We have all those who want to self-love, show themselves only with a good hand. And it would be strange if we did the opposite. And we have no problems would not have experienced if we could remain so permanently.


How to love part 4

We are nothing but a huge number of shortcomings, which we propose to someone else. But that’s okay, when you deficiencies the individual concern. It's quite different thing when these same deficiencies already forced to endure someone else. That is because the next thing: it turns out that we, when you fall in love, then hide, hide your vices, and drawbacks. And we do not think that sooner or later our shortcomings reveal us. We are unable to hide our shortcomings. Or hope that your husband or your wife is so stupid, so blind not to notice these shortcomings? Do such things happen?