Learn how to love, part 1

Loving is not everyone can do. Love is not so simple, and it is necessary to learn. From early childhood, as soon as we become aware of the world and in this world, we begin to learn to love. But this does not always happen. In most cases, this does not happen. Most often we begin to learn to play tennis, skating, some even in three years, already know how to play chess. We are very much starting to learn from an early age, but not always learn to love. Then we wonder why it is, they say, people do not love each other? And why should they love themselves?


How to define the person through the Internet?

The Body the soul and the spirit - only all of this together create the person. And a person can understand and learn only in real life, and nowhere else. Person is formed in real life as a creature not only spiritual, the ability to generate ideas, to dream, to fantasize, but as a spiritual being; creature that has the character, temperament and emotions, and to the same and as a physical being, the ability to perceive physical reality that can feel the physical reality. No human soul or his spirit does not perceive the physical world.