To make love

Who does not think of his pleasure is simply a bad lover. Insofar as you are indolent to what causes pleasure in your partner, the probability that they stop wanting you is ample. If you deny your premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, you also deny the pleasure to your partner. The end of your relationship will be irreparable. The more you fake orgasms, the more your body suggests itself and avoid having them. Keep eye on our blog and welcome to our chat, where you can talk to strangers.


SEX WITHOUT TABOOS (not suitable for moralists)

Moral rules kill the taste of full sexuality. The more prejudice orgasm. Social norms should not get into the bedroom. The bed is a place where standards set the lovers. The moralist always hides a sexual pervert who fears him deeply. Sometimes love is a nuisance for a sex at all rag. The more sexual repressions you have the more unhappier you are and you will do to your partner. Keep eye on our blog and join our chat where people can talk to strangers.

Every sexual act implies some aggression