There are lovers who are so bad they should rather be called hating. The art of the lover is more than a sexual art; it is an art of love of the sexual. The problem of marriage is that it sometimes separates lovers, these being the same ones who got married. In the sexual, the amatory is implicit in the desire that the other enjoy. Enjoy our blog and welcome to our chat where users talk to strangers.

A lover fixed in the genital will never surpass a lover fixed in the love


Bad sex

Many poor bed men are the product of women with low self-esteem who are unable to tell them in the face to improve. There are many men who swear they are good lovers when in fact what they have is a woman afraid to tell them that they are not. Many women pretend to orgasm just so as not to make their partner feel bad, we are talking about the unequivocal symptom of very low self-esteem. Many women who have only had one partner in their life do not know what premature ejaculation is and live a hell without knowing it.